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Howdy friends!


I’ve done my fair share of internet research about where to travel, how to travel, what to take, and where the (horse) riding is good.  I thought it would be a grand ole time to share some good travel blog posts to get you curious about travel.


Home Travels:  Want to travel?  Why not start with Mississippi!  This article is a great reminder of how much there is to see in my own backyard.  You know, whenever I’m actually there.

Mississippi road trip destinations: 12 stops you need to make


Travels Past:  Horse Riding in Scotland, which I have done (just not this ride) was a beautiful experience.  This post is a fun little description of a week long ride that takes me back to the one I had with my mom a year and a half ago.

I took lots of photos throughout my journey, but this one does a significantly better job of showing what the inside of a Kyrgyz yurt feels like.  Colorful and close without being claustrophobic or closed in.  Very well done!

National Geographic Announces 2012 Photo Contest Winners


Travels Present:  As I am currently located near Nelspruit, South Africa, I found this to be a very helpful post!  I will not be exploring the caves, but you can bet the wild horses of Kaapsehoop are on my list of must-sees for this trip.  Kruger Park and Hazyview are (obviously) already checked off the list.  🙂

Deciding if you will interact with ex-pats or locals isn’t always up to you.  But in my opinion, making a concerted effort to get to know the people who are from where you stay makes a much more fulfilling experience.  And that’s why I haven’t spoken to another American since I got my feet on African soil 3 weeks ago!  Here’s to another two months here.


Processing Travel:  I find this article speaks to me about the transition process of returning home after a year-long journey.  I’m sharing it with my other Watson Fellows now!


Hopefully some of you enjoy the articles I’ve posted.  There are so many more about packing lists, gear recommendations, and travel tips that I decided to skip for your benefit (even though they were my bread and butter in the planning phase of my trip).  Happy reading, folks!


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